And So It Begins

So everyone and their mom has a blog. I used to have one too. And I pretty much miss it, and so do a few other people. So I thought it was time to revive it and start a new one. So here it is. Why “fIXIES aRE fOR pUSSIES”… because they are. Anyone in their right mind knows that fixies are the gayest thing ever. And I don’t mean in like a homo way but just gay. WTF would anyone who lives in a metropolitan city rock a fixie… oh yeah so ugly dudes and hipster girls can get laid.

So that what this blog is all about… hipster scum, gentrification, and culture hacking. So expect to see som einteresting things coming out of my fat Brooklyn mouth because unlike 90% of WIlliamsburg I was actually born here…


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