Streetwear Nerds… are the new Drag Queens

I grew up in Brooklyn and had more Pumas and Nike’s then a cargo container as a kid so I have an appreciation for nostalgia. But what is the deal with streetwear nerds. I really feel that they have become the new drag queens of urban parties. I mean they walk in, everyone looks, but not for too long, and makes fun of them the entire time they are downing Sparks and trying to not crease their limited edition {insert hipster brand here} tee and New Era hat they paid more than I make in a week for. I think they should have their own sections at clubs, just like drag queens and trannies do. That way we don’t have to feel like we are being visually attacked by an 80s acid flashback. Also, why are 90% of them Asian. Is it because their long lost cousin is working in some sweatshop they need to support the industry. A sorta way of saying “Yo, I am giving money back to my peeps so Quin Chi can buy a pencil to fill out their immunization card”


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