Club Photographers are the lowest form of life…

Isn’t the Club Photographer one of the most interesting breeds of animal? They go to parties, pretend to be 5-8 years younger than they are, try to get their hands on boobs, and all so they can get pics of drunk hipster trash bitches on their blogs. I wonder how much real pussy they get. I can imagine they only get “boob-graze”. Like when you were 13 years old and the 16 year old hot girl from the neighborhood gave you a hug and because you were so short her boobs in her tight teeshirt grazed your face. You held onto that memory until all your pubes grew in and you made it to second base with the next girl you hooked up with. Wondering if that 16 year old girl from your neighborhoods boobs felt this good if she gave you the chance to feel them. I bet thats what the club photographers must hold onto when they cry themselves to sleep thinking about that one time they sucked dick for coke in the bathroom of Rififi.

I have one particular club photographer I love clowning on, most of you who know me have seen it. My goal everytime I see him is to spit on him somewhere. Without fail I do it every time. My current record is six times in one night. The crowning achievement was when he was talking to my friend and I and I just spit on his shoes and smiled at him. I am really gonna have to top myself next time, I think his face makes a good target…

Thats pretty much how I think they should be treated. So next time you see one, just crank a good spit wad at them. I am sure they will thank you later.


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