Getting the Smackdown from McDonalds…

I really am not into McDonalds. Its pretty crappy all around. I really only hit up like 2-3 different fast food places once every 8 weeks or so… But today my girl wanted some McDonalds so I thought why the fuck not. Now if you have ever been to a McDonalds in the ghetto, where we live, people there are pretty much useless. I dont think they could even get into the Army as firing practice targets.. they would fuck that up too.

So I go to the one by Fulton Mall, ah yes the mecca of ghetto fabulousness, to pick up some food. Now this place is huge, like 10 registers, probably 20 employees, etc. Now it being a Sunday afternoon it was pretty packed, everyone just got done buying their Fubu and Akademics hoodies for next winter or knock off grillz, and the lines were 8 people deep. I am on line with my bike (not a fixie fucktard) and I finally get to the front and am ready to get my order and get the fuck out. All of a sudden this big ass fat bitch comes out of the corner behind the register with her stupid manager tag on and asks to speak to me. I figured it was because I might have been the tenth white customer they had and I won a free shake or something. No, no shake, instead she tells me how I cant have my bike in there and wont serve me. She goes on and on for 5 minutes who the store gets a ticket and fine if the McDonalds inspector comes and sees me. Are you fucking kidding me. I wait on line for a while, get to the front and she wont take my order because some McDonalds inspector is gonna come to Flatbush Avenue to fine her for my bike. I really wanted to throw a shake at her but guess what… I coudln’t get shit from her fat ass or any of the fat ass bitches there. So I just cursed her out and left and went to the next McDoanlds 4 blocks away. I walk in with my bike and guess what they say… “No Such Policy Exists”. and there is not McDonalds Inspector.. interesting… so Miss Fatty Cakes thinks the McDOnalds inspector exists… I think I should go in next week and tell her her shoe laces are untied and see if she flops over like Grimace on NoDoz.


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