Not just pussies but bad rip off artists…

These fixie pussies just give me more reasons to call them out for being pussies…

This past year Lakai put out one of the best skateboard videos ever. Besides killer parts from Koston, Mike Mo, Marc Johnston, and others the video is a true work of cinematography excellence as evidenced below…

Now this is where the fixie pussies piss me off. Not only do they try to relate their artificially created subculture to skateboarding but they try to rip it off in the most lame way ever… Witness below.

Wolfpack All City Team Race 2 TEASER from Bicykiller on Vimeo.

Yo fixie pussies… step the fuck off. Then again this is another example of their lack or originality and pathetic emoness to try and be down.

On a side note… big ups to the pussy I saw at Spuyten Duvel at the Govna’s Birthday with the fixie tattoo on his neck… you are branded for life as being pussy and I love you for it. I can’t wait for scooters to be the new hipster thing and you have to get your fixie tattoo covered with a scooter so you can try to get your photo in Vice Magazine.


2 responses to “Not just pussies but bad rip off artists…

  1. Thats it. Next time I see one of those fucking gapers on a god damn fixie I’m gonna through a motha fuckin lead pipe between there spokes. Four wheels good, two wheels bad!!!

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