Castro Brothers… a new threat?

The Vice Presidental debate was on last night and it was kinda boring. I was really hoping Biden was gonna pimp slap Palin’s inbred face half way through, but that doesn’t happen on national TV. Through all the talk of taxes, McCain being a good soldier (note: good soldiers don’t get caught and spend years in a war prison), the war in Iragistanalandia, etc the one thing that came out of Palin’s thin lipped mouth that was genius was her talking about how the Casto Brothers were the next big threat… Really? These two dudes pictured above? Man these guys can’t do shit. Like what are they gonna do? Send us more Cuban pitchers to the MLB that suck? Invade Florida with an army, which I wish they would because Florida caused this country 8 years of bullshit. I just don’t see these guys as a threat. Although I do like the concept of the Castro Brothers. It sounds like some gang from the Bronx dealing Yeyo and smacking the fuck out of HOs. Can you just picture Fidel in and Escalade rolling down Arthur Ave? I want to see these two dudes in the next GTA.


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