Bodegas… now for white people too…

Growing up in NYC the bodega was the staple. it’s where you got your first pack of Parliament Lights, the first place you bought a 40 of OE, and probably the first place you scored dirty Dominican Coke with enough baby laxative to feel like you’ve been drinking Mexican water for a week. But now with the advent of more and more white folk moving into Bed Stuy and such areas these Bodega owners have had to step up their game. You can pretty much walk into anyone of them and grab some Fiji water, a Cliff bar, some Altoids and pop over to your next new media meeting. But I miss the good old days. The days of videogame machines with busted joysticks in the back, when you could five finger discount shit loads of Swedish fish, and make an entire meal consisting of quarter waters, Bravos, and some Now & Laters. And now these owners have to stock their shelves with gringo ass merch. Bad enough they have to learn how to speak English… now we are gonna tell them to carry organic produce… man this country is fucked up…


One response to “Bodegas… now for white people too…

  1. yo man…..
    Awesome fucking post man! You get mad props for this one kid!!! BX for life nikka! NYC baby, no where else lives like we do!

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