What else can be said about such a historical day…. I really don’t know except he kicked that vampire’s ass hard. I mean it was sorta sad thinking on McCain and his trophy ex-stripper wife bringing up the first time they invited Palin over for a threesome thinking she would make a good candidate for VP. You know CIndy had to be like… “John, I know she blew you good but I don’t think she is gonna bang Putin, she told me she isn’t into foreigners”. But at least the White Oprah is going to be entertaining while we fix this country.

But on a serious note, finally a historic day when we as a people take our country back and spit in the face of the old world politics that put us in this 7 plus years of bullshit. We should all be very proud and use that pride for the next 4 years to work hard as a unified people to restore our country to what we envision it to be…yes we can…


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