The Depression Loves a Design Fight

designfight murray moss vs. michale cannell

If you havent heard yet there is a nice little design fight brewing between Murray Moss (owner of Moss in Soho) and Michael Cannell (design writer) over an article that Cannell wrote in the NY Times entitled “Design Loves a Depression“. And Mr. Moss decided to post a rebutal on Design Observer entitled “Design Hates a Depression“. Both are pretty interesting reads… but thats not even where it gets good. It gets really spicy in the commenting on both sites and various others (Design Glut, Sally TV, etc). I especially like the so called “luxury” designers kissing Murray’s ass because he is the only person buying their marginal over gilded concepts to the people pointing out how ridiculous one of the CEOs of Merril Lynch spent $500k on an interior designer for his office. I obviously am a avante garde designer in the current workspace. I, and partner, were heavily influenced by Moss’s design exhibits in the mid to late 90s. But I have to say Moss has fallen off big time. So for him to come out and defend ridiculous expenditures and making design for only the elite comes off rather absurd. He sorta proved Cannell’s point. I think these trying times can actually serve as a sort of Darwinism of design… may be only the strong need to survive. I, for one, welcome the challenge and have fealt a renewed creativity in these times.

But what I really want to see is these two go at it in person. I bet people would pay good money for that. Just imagine a “Blood Sport” sorta battle… all underground in Chinatown… people placing bets. That shit would be hot… But who plays Frank Dux and who is Chong Li… that’s up for you to decide.


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