Fake ass MOZ fans


Where were you in 1988?… listening to Skate Master Tate. Where were you in 1991?… listening to Naughty By Nature. Where were you in 1994?… listening to Stereo Mcs. Where were you in 1998?…. listening to Lauren Hill. Where were you in 2001?… listening to Jay-Z. Where were you in 2002?…listening to Lynkin Park. Where were you in 2005?…listening to Pussycat Dolls. Now all you punk ass bitches are down with Moz… Do everyone a favor and stop playing yourself. You never went to one Moz show yet you rip him off for your lame ass streetwear lines, video parts, and street cred values.

When you have stubs from Nassua Colleseum in 91 give me a call, until then go listen to OPP and put on your washed too many times Cross Color jeans you still put on to get banged by your prison boyfriend…. you pussy!


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