Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others


Randomly browsing through blogs today I thought about an indirect side effect of blogging… fat girls. It seems to me that every blog that is updated several times a day is usually by a fat girl. And I don’t mean a “I have a thyroid condition” fat girl. But a “I can take a wicked Myspace angle pic so I don’t look that fat but when you come to my house to bang me you give me a diet soda and cry” fat girl. Maybe the blogging is making them fat. This could be the secret obesity problem we have developed in this country that’s been a mystery for so many years. I think there should probably be a weigh in when you log into WordPress. That would encourage some of these pudgy punks to get off their asses and maybe walk a few blocks, and not just to Dunkin Donuts for their noon fix of krullers .


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