Andy Kessler… R.I.P.


Growing up in NYC skateboarding I was part of a generation that was looking forward and never back. We never really gave a shit about the old school guys before us…that was until I met Andy Kessler. Andy was just this perfect mix of old school skateboarder and NYC attitude. He was oen of the pioneers here in NYC when it came to skateparks and always did it with a true skateboarders attitude.

I had the privelage of working with Andy and Dan Pensyl for a little over a year at a skatepark and was blessed to work with these guys. We worked with this other fucking idiot who I can’t remember his real name but Andy named him Spicolli and ragged on him all day in true NYC fashion. But at the end of the day Andy was all for the progression of skateboarding in NYC on our own terms and for that he will always be missed.

Andy… you will be missed and I was blessed to have whatever little time I had with you.

Now I am going to set up a board and go skate again…


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