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Joanathan Adler…. yeah you pretty much suck…seriously…


I try not to watch too many reality shows. There are only so many times I can see some hick girl from Kansas get into a teary eyed tantrum because she is so far away from ehr stable boy boyfriend who just happens to be banging her best friend. But I do try to watch some of the more creative ones… Project Runway, Top Chef, and I hate admit this shit… Top Design. Being a designer I thought this show would be interesting. But the only thing I get from it is that Jonathan Adler is just a straight up cunt face. Well maybe thats too harsh….actually it isn’t. First off its really sad that he has become the popular face of American Design. His work is so pedestrian and one dimensional. It lacks no originality or concept… its as he say “Chic”. Yeah I dont think so smuggles. Second off I think he knows how bad he sucks because anytime anyone does anything interesting on that show he has this little Chelsea queen smirk like “Oh bitch my shit is so much tighter” And the sad thing is these people on this show suck so bad yet their stuff is so much tighter than his… what does that say. Lastly he hasn’t done anything vital for design in America except publicly intimidate the people into thinking design is about being bitchy, smirky, and untalented. The juxtaposition of him and Todd Oldham is amazing. Todd is actually really creative, positive, eclectic, and takes risks. Next season get rid of Jonathan “Alfred E Newman” Adler and put Todd Oldham in charge. Jonathan should just go to being a house boy for his stylist boyfriend who actually has taste.